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Nu Metal Family

Wow. It’s been pretty hot in there ^_^ It all started around 7 PM, the bands were ready to kick ass and they did. The crowd was rather mellow from the beginning, however as the gig progressed, more and more people joined the downstage area to support. It’s actually a problem that we have in Ukraine, or should I say Kiev at least. When people come to gigs they usually come to support their friends from a particular band and so many come to just hang out or rock out. I’m sure that the problem lies in the vast variety of gigs and bands and in the fact that the fans prefer to listen to music at home rather than live. Anyway, those who came to rock out yesterday, “we salute you”. The first fest kind of gave us the idea of how it should be settled in the future. We are planning to attach the music fest to some other activities beneficial for our society. As for yesterday, well, my neck still hurts badly and that’s probably a good sign 🙂 everybody’s been great and groovy and we can’t wait to see the pictures and more over to repeat this fest some time in the nearest future. We’ll keep our fans updated. Peace to all!


First Nu-Metal Family from Newtonz Fest starts tomorrow!

First Nu-Metal Family from Newtonz Fest starts tomorrow!

We are glad to be having our first Nu-Metal party tomorrow. We plan to start a tradition and continue with parties like that every 3 months or so. There’s even more to that and we’ll be happy to break the news later on in the summer. We’ve got a bunch of plans, a lot of inspiration coming back after the winter-time, so a pack of new tones from Newtonz is on its way.

It’s still May, but the weather is a lot like summer already. We’re starting the summer music season tomorrow and wish everyone a blast. If you live in Kiev and happen to read this post, keep in mind that tomorrow @ 6 pm, the Fest will start in the oldest rock-club in Ukraine.

Love and Peace to y’all! \m/